Guide: How to choose bridesmaids dresses

Friend of the bride - a duty truly honorable, without jokes! Perhaps the main task of the bridesmaids is to support the bride herself, including on the day of the wedding. A very important part of this support are beautiful, thoughtful images of girlfriends who emphasize the style of the wedding. 

Budget - dress-transformers


Dresses-transformers have long been fashionable as dresses of bridesmaids: every girl can wear this dress in her own way, but at the same time all girl-friends will look in the same style, which is just necessary to create images of bridesmaids.


Pros. They are inexpensive, are sewn to order by your standards, and stores offer a large selection of fabrics.


Minuses. From the minuses of such dresses, you can distinguish the very fabric called "oil". It is elastic, silky and always sits well on the figure, but, of course, this fabric can not be called expensive, it looks quite simple. In addition, when ordering such dresses, you should be prepared for the fact that the styles of the girl's outfits will vary in how you can transform the top part of the dress. Unfortunately, you will not be able to go beyond these opportunities.


Council. Such dresses will look great at a wedding in a garden, rustic or marine style, and even better at a beach wedding - in short, wherever it would be appropriate not to pompous evening dresses, but cute light sundresses.

Optimum - ready branded dresses


Today, many fashion brands offer their collections of dresses for bridesmaids. As a rule, they are presented in pastel colors and have several variations that will also look harmonious together.


Pros. These dresses have more interesting and unusual styles, are made of more expensive fabrics, and if desired, you can choose models with a beautiful combination of different textures, ornaments in the form of brooches and belts. Here, someone can rightly remark that brooches and girdles can be worn and with transformers, but, frankly speaking, fabrics with strasses and other "rich" attributes will be very inappropriate for "butter" fabrics. Do not try to combine incongruous.


Minuses. The most important disadvantage in this case - you need to choose from the models presented in the stores, and it is possible that in one place you will find a suitable cut, and in another - a beautiful color, and you will have to compromise. The only changes that are available to you in this version are the ability to sew a dress if necessary.


Council. These dresses look very nice, thoughtful and in the evening. It is possible to choose both more laconic, and really unusual models for almost any wedding style. The only thing is, you will be limited in color, so you should be prepared for the fact that you will not be able to find a "dream shade".

Exclusive - tailoring to order


Dresses made from the chosen fabric to order - this is certainly a luxurious option!


Pros. The main thing is that you do not have to make any compromises: the shades of dresses can be as close as possible to the color scheme of the wedding, the cuts of the models (the same or different) will reflect the concept of celebration, and thanks to the sewing according to the standards of the girls, the dresses will sit perfectly. The most important thing is that you will not see such dresses any more!


Minuses. Of course, this option will be the most expensive of all, but in this case you will get exclusive dresses that reflect the idea of ​​the wedding and sewed by the standards of bridesmaids. Yes, you can save by choosing an inexpensive fabric or hiring a seamstress at a low price. But always remember that the price is proportional to quality. It is unlikely that you will be happy if all efforts to select fabrics, seamstresses and styles of dresses will end in disappointment.


Council. Perhaps, the ideal option for those who have a budget!

In conclusion, we want to advise you to choose dresses based on the concept of the wedding and, of course, your budget, and most importantly - remember that beautiful girlfriends are stylish girlfriends, and not those that look brighter than the bride.